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Words are magic.

Writing is magic.

Books are magic.

"The pen, pencil, or quill that darts across the page, bringing thoughts & ideas to life, also inspires magic."

- Jennifer C. Kane


A Leprechaun's Tale

of Magic and Mischief

by Jennifer C. Kane

Now, gather around here, children.

Come closer and have a look.

There's lots of magic and mischief

On the pages of this book!

What happens when a Leprechaun from Ireland slides off a rainbow into the USA and sees three children with their grandad?

Read this book to see the magic and mischief this Leprechaun created for

kids like you!

The Story

Behind the Story

"Find your Magic,

Make your Mischief!"

- Jennifer C. Kane

Meet the Author

Jennifer C. Kane

Jennifer has been writing stories and poems since she first held a pencil in her hand. Words, phrases, and images appear in her mind as if by magic, and she does her best to capture them on the page.

She began writing poems about Leprechauns to read to her second-grade classmates when she was eight years old. She might have even seen Leprechauns and fairies while studying in Ireland for a semester in college!

Jennifer is a chiropractor, acupuncture practitioner, hypnotist, teacher, and speaker who lives in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri. She loves writing, reading, traveling, and hiking with her family and their spirited Golden Retriever, Sadie.

Jennifer believes this world is filled with magic if we simply open our eyes and hearts to it.

"A Leprechaun's Tale of Magic and Mischief" is Jennifer's first children's book.

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